How Do You Keep Up With Regulatory Changes in Corporate Law?

How Do You Keep Up With Regulatory Changes in Corporate Law?

To navigate the ever-shifting landscape of corporate law, we've gathered insights from seasoned professionals, including a Director & Head of Corporate Legal, on how they stay abreast of regulatory changes. Alongside expert strategies, we also present additional answers that offer a broader perspective on effective methods used in the industry. From subscribing to legal updates to utilizing government tracking tools, discover a spectrum of approaches to keep your legal knowledge current.

  • Subscribe to Legal Updates
  • Use Legislative Tracking Apps
  • Attend Corporate Law Conferences
  • Join Professional Legal Associations
  • Enroll in Law Update Webinars
  • Read Corporate Law Journals
  • Utilize Government Tracking Tools

Subscribe to Legal Updates

One effective method is to subscribe to legal updates from reputable sources such as the Singapore Ministry of Law, the Law Society of Singapore, or legal publications specializing in corporate law. These sources often provide timely updates on regulatory changes, enabling corporate attorneys to stay informed and compliant.

Walter Alexander
Walter AlexanderDirector & Head of Corporate Legal, Silvester Legal LLC

Use Legislative Tracking Apps

I use an app called Codify ( that allows me to track different legislation and alerts me when new changes are introduced by governments in Canada that contain certain keywords. This allows me to stay on top of changes at the moment they are being introduced. Besides that, I like to subscribe to newsletters from other law firms and regulatory authorities. With that, I have my bases covered.

Harrison Jordan
Harrison JordanFounder and Managing Lawyer, Substance Law

Attend Corporate Law Conferences

One effective way to stay informed about changes in corporate law is by attending corporate law conferences that are held periodically. These conferences serve as platforms where top legal experts discuss recent shifts and upcoming trends in corporate law, providing valuable insights. By interacting with peers and leading professionals in the field, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of complex legal changes and their implications.

Additionally, the practical workshops offered within these conferences can help professionals apply the changes in real-world scenarios. Consider signing up for the next corporate law conference to ensure you remain well-informed.

Join Professional Legal Associations

Joining professional legal associations can prove invaluable for anyone looking to keep current with changes in corporate law. Professional associations often provide their members with resources such as newsletters, bulletins, and updates that are essential in outlining and explaining new legal provisions. Furthermore, membership usually grants access to a network of professionals who can offer support and discuss the nuances of recent changes.

These associations also frequently advocate on behalf of their members, giving a clearer picture of how legislation may evolve. Check your local or national legal associations to see which one aligns with your professional goals and join today.

Enroll in Law Update Webinars

Regular enrollment in law update webinars is another prudent approach to maintaining an up-to-date knowledge base in corporate law. Webinars are often tailored to highlight and dissect the most recent legal changes and how these impact the business environment. They are convenient as they can be attended online, saving time and resources while still providing in-depth education on important legal updates.

Expert speakers often facilitate these sessions and are available to answer specific questions, increasing the attendee's understanding of the subject matter. Look for upcoming law update webinars and enroll in one that suits your schedule and professional needs.

Read Corporate Law Journals

Reading specialized corporate law journals is a scholarly method to track regulatory changes in the field. These journals are published regularly and include articles, case studies, and commentary from legal thought leaders on new and evolving areas of corporate law. They offer an analytical perspective on how changes in regulation could affect different sectors of the business world.

Staying abreast of these expert insights can provide a solid foundation for understanding the broader impact of the legal environment. Begin your subscription to a well-respected corporate law journal to keep your knowledge sharp and current.

Utilize Government Tracking Tools

Utilizing government legislative tracking tools is a direct approach to keeping abreast of regulatory changes in corporate law. Many governments offer online portals or platforms where new bills, as well as amendments to existing laws, are documented and made available to the public. These tools often include features such as email alerts or subscription services to notify users of updates in real-time.

By regularly checking these sources, professionals can ensure they have the most current information directly from the legislative authorities. Access your local government's legislative tracking tools today and sign up for alerts to stay informed.

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